Fivestar Prepares to Launch One-of-a-Kind Sports Highlights Rating Platform

The Fivestar App is the only 100 percent sports-focused app that fuses social media and gamification to create a safe, inclusive and positive space for athletes and sports enthusiasts to share, find and rate sports highlights

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (PRWEB) November 17, 2021 – The Fivestar App, the video-sharing mobile app designed exclusively for athletes, coaches and sports enthusiasts, will officially launch in February 2022. Those excited to try the app ASAP can register to receive early access to the Fivestar App by visiting

The Fivestar App was created for athletes by athletes to address the challenges they face to get noticed in their sports. A small, exclusive group currently determines athletes’ rankings, limiting access and exposure for countless deserving individuals to receive recognition. To level the playing field, the founders of the Fivestar App set out to create a sports-only platform that empowers athletes to get noticed, no matter their sport, level of play or location. Think of it as the TikTok of sports, but with a heavy focus on its users’ mental health and well-being.

“Our goal in creating the Fivestar App is to offer a supportive, interactive, safe space for a diverse community of athletes and sports lovers,” said Fivestar CEO Erin McNeally. “The platform is an exposure generator and an equalizer for athletes of all backgrounds, skill levels, and sports. The algorithm we’ve designed affords Fivestar the distinct ability to leverage the infinite power of social media interconnectivity, while consciously removing some of its more precarious elements.”

The Fivestar App’s standout safety features include a comment-free approach to engagement and reliance on machine learning to identify problematic users, bots and non-sports content. Instead of commenting, the app’s proprietary algorithm relies largely on a five-star rating system that allows users to give and receive honest feedback on their content. The app also gamifies the user experience by utilizing video game elements as well as a point system that tracks engagements and rewards users with points. The points can then be used to purchase gear, access events, and access exclusive content only available on the platform.

From athletes and sports enthusiasts, to parents and coaches, the Fivestar App provides a unique experience for a variety of users. Athletes are empowered to set up a profile, choose their sport (or sports) and post highlights of their best moments, while fans are invited to engage by rating highlights, reacting with animations and awarding points as they see fit. Athletes who want to improve their ratings can browse other athletes’ content for inspiration. And who are the athletes? From recognized pros and kids moving up in their sport, to the leisurely snowboarder that wants to track their air across the season. If you’re lacing up, Fivestar has a spot for you.

While athletes leverage the platform to get noticed, fans get access to the top highlights from the full range of sports they love. The Fivestar App invites fans (athletic or not) to participate in the sports world like never before. The incentive? In addition to having access to highlights and the ability to rate, fans can earn a scout score status.

Coaches can also take advantage of the Fivestar App to search for and find athletes they may want to recruit to their team. The Fivestar App breaks the recruitment barrier that currently limits both athletes and teams. By viewing highlights of potential recruits, coaches and athletes both reap the benefits of being seen, regardless of physical location.

In addition to direct consumers, Fivestar also has secured – and will continue to pursue – partnerships with corporations and professional athletes. Stay tuned for a list of participating athletes that have already begun to engage on the app.

The Fivestar App will be free to download and available for use on all Android and iOS devices. Users will also have a premium subscription and in-app purchase options.

About Fivestar:

The Fivestar App is the only dedicated digital platform that is focused 100% on sports highlights. The app provides a safe space for athletes and sports enthusiasts to share, find, and rate sports highlights through its proprietary rating system, gamification elements, and machine learning capabilities. The app empowers athletes to be recognized in their sports while empowering sports enthusiasts an opportunity to participate in the sports world like never before.