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Fivestar Announces Lacrosse Star Kyle Harrison as VP of Business Development and Athlete Relations

The former Premier Lacrosse League champion is joining sports mobile app Fivestar to scout and sign athletes

Fivestar, the sports mobile app aimed at empowering athletes and fans to engage with their best sports highlights, is naming Professional Lacrosse Champion, Kyle Harrison, as its first Vice President of Business Development and Athlete Relations.

In this role, Harrison will be responsible for identifying and signing athlete partnerships and corporate sponsorship agreements. He recently retired as a player in the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), culminating his highly acclaimed 17-year professional career.

“Fivestar is thrilled to announce Kyle as a member of our leadership team,” said Fivestar Chief Executive Officer Erin McNeally. “Kyle exemplifies everything Fivestar stands for, and his experience on and off the field made him the number one choice for this position.”

Fivestar is an app for athletes and fans that delivers a dedicated digital platform focused 100 percent on sports highlights, offering the opportunity for every athlete to be rated. Fivestar is the only sports highlight rating app aimed at providing a positive environment for athletes and sports enthusiasts looking to find and share highlights, while contributing and receiving honest feedback.

Harrison brings not only a long career as a professional athlete, but also years of experience working with brands to drive product awareness and growth, as well as helping negotiate athlete contracts. With the launch of the Fivestar app this year and the appointment of his role, Harrison will sign a variety of name, image, likeness deals with college athletes across multiple sports, as well as Fivestar Ambassador sponsorships with professional athletes.

As the Captain of the Redwoods Lacrosse Club, Harrison was named Director of Players and Inclusion. He is also a member of the Maryland U.S. Lacrosse Chapter Hall of Fame, Johns Hopkins Hall of Fame and recipient of the 2005 Tewaaraton Trophy as the National Player of the Year.

“Kyle’s background as a professional athlete and entrepreneur made him the perfect fit for the Fivestar organization,” said Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brett Tillett. “We are thrilled to have him be a part of the team.”
The role with Fivestar initially peaked Harrison’s interest upon hearing about the Fivestar app’s purpose and its ability to centralize athletes’ sports highlights.

“When first being introduced to the concept and invited to join the advisory board at Fivestar, I was so drawn to the idea of consuming all sports highlights in one place,” he said. “As a lifelong athlete, I watch highlights daily on multiple platforms, so the opportunity to see them ALL in one spot was initially what excited me the most. I couldn’t be more excited to officially join the FiveStar team. I know we’re just getting started, but I’m proud of the work we’ve done and will continue to do.”

Fivestar and Harrison look forward to continuing their collaboration to support Fivestar’s mission and their shared objectives, and to including other Fivestar programs and initiatives in the future.

About Fivestar
Fivestar is the only dedicated digital platform that is focused 100 percent on sports highlights. Through its proprietary rating system, gamification elements and machine learning capabilities, the app provides a safe space for athletes and sports enthusiasts to share, find and rate sports highlights. The app empowers athletes to be recognized in their sports, while empowering sports enthusiasts to participate in the sports world like never before.