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Fivestar Partners with True Lacrosse to Bring Fivestar App to State-Level Programs

HANOVER, Md. – Fivestar has partnered with True Lacrosse to bring the Fivestar App to over 8,500 lacrosse
players who play in state-level programs across the country.
The partnership aligns Fivestar with True Lacrosse’s 19 state-level programs and national teams and provides
True Lacrosse with a digital partner for their athletes to get recognized for their achievements through the
Fivestar App. In addition, Fivestar will attend a variety of nationwide True Lacrosse events to find the best
athletes and highlights to promote on the Fivestar App.
“Fivestar is thrilled to partner with True Lacrosse to bring the Fivestar App to their athletes and their families
across the United States,” said David Cottle, VP of Fivestar. “True Lacrosse is a fantastic program with an
outstanding leadership team, so we could not be more excited to work with them. We can’t wait to see all the
great highlights from the athletes who participate in the True Lacrosse program.”
“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Fivestar. This partnership will be very beneficial for our athletes
in the recruiting process,” said True Lacrosse founders and co-owners Jake Deane and Mike Gabel. “Fivestar
has created a unique environment where athletes can come together, highlighting their skills on the Fivestar
App’s user-friendly platform. We at True Lacrosse are very enthusiastic to see how this partnership will aid in
our athletes achieving their goals at the next level!”

The Fivestar App is a mobile app that provides a positive and safe space for athletes and sports enthusiasts to
create, rate and enjoy the best sports highlights. The app is the only dedicated digital platform that is focused
100% on sports highlights and guarantees a positive environment, with no comments allowed. Fivestar
empowers athletes to be recognized in their sports while providing sports enthusiasts an opportunity to
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True Lacrosse is committed to the education and development of young men and women in the sport of lacrosse.
Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive training and experience to create exceptional athletes, while
instilling confidence, integrity, and leadership skills they can employ both on and off the field. Driven by our four
pillars: Passion, Energy, Expertise, and Reps. Our staff’s combined knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm,
allows us to offer the best service, products, and guidance necessary to further develop the fastest game on two
feet. For more information, visit

Fivestar App: Brett Tillett, [email protected]; 703-999-6954
True Lacrosse: Nick Kargol, [email protected]; 708-269-0237